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Fr. Thomas Cardone, S.M.

"The best way to describe our devotion to Mary is that we are brothers of Jesus...and sons of Mary."

Bro. Thomas Cleary, S.M.

“At the end of the day, I remind myself that everything I do is for the mission of the school and to serve God in my vocation."

Bro. Kenneth Hoagland, S.M.

"Mary is a powerful witness...she is the first disciple, the perfect disciple, and she is the one who leads us closer to Christ."

Bro. Karl Hornberger S.M.

"One of the nice things about a religious vocation with the Marianists is that you are encouraged to do the things that interest you."

Bro. Roger Poletti, S.M.

“Often times, as a Brother, you'll be asked by students, sometimes even by colleagues, and sometimes by parents, 'Who is Jesus Christ?' For me, firstly...He is my Lord and Savior."

Bro. Michael Gillen, S.M.

“We try to set up a community for young people to come and to grow in religion, to grow in spirituality, to grow in the path of Father Chaminade.

Bro. Peter Heiskell, S.M.

"I still see myself as still walking in Father Chaminade's shoes of trying to educate young people, to bring the faith alive in them."

Fr. Albert Bertoni, S.M.

"The secular mindset is very strong...there must be something more, so I try to paint an answer to that question."

Bro. Timothy Driscoll, S.M.

"I think the witness that we give of our brotherhood, of our community, is a valuable lesson to the world." 

Bro. Joseph Bellizzi, S.M.

"A religious Brother is somebody who has consecrated himself for life as a vocation to the work of God."

Bro. Stephen Balletta, S.M.

"Coming together in community is a way of meeting Jesus Christ, learning to love Him, and to share that love and good news with other people."

Bro. Daniel Griffin, S.M.

"I believe my mission is to work with young people, to bring them closer to Christ, through His mother Mary."

Fr. Garrett Long, S.M.

"Being a Marianist is primarily assisting our Blessed Mother in her working of bringing people of all ages to her son, Jesus."

Bishop William Murphy

"The Meribah province has a tremendous impact on the diocese...and I want that to continue."

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