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"Wake up the world! Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, of acting, of living! It is possible to live differently in this world."


           -Pope Francis

The Society of Mary is a religious congregation of brothers and priests who seek to grow in holiness as sons of Mary and to serve the Church as brothers in Christ.  We strive to make every Marianist Community a place where we can meet Christ and bear witness to the Kingdom of God in our midst.


Community life is a cornerstone of our Marianist religious life.  From a common vision to a common mission to meals in common, from shared prayer to shared housework, we live in community, just as the first Christians did,  "living together and sharing all things in common" (Acts 4:32).


We aim to make family spirit the distinctive mark of our communities, imitating Mary's faith, humility, simplicity, and hospitality.

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